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Next Generation Cybersecurity

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Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform

Now that most organisations have advanced phishing filters and firewalls, the first point of vulnerability in the cybersecurity chain is a company’s own people. Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP) is an online learning platform created by leading cybersecurity experts to help safeguard your network’s security and protect your business. For administrators, Kaspersky ASAP is the easy and effortless ways to deliver training using automated learning paths, with structured training and results evaluation based on actionable reporting and analytics. Employees can study at their own pace, with practical and engaging online lessons that build their cyber skills; giving them the freedom to perform without limits.


Educate, protect and empower

Many organisations today have better security protection such as advanced phishing filters and firewalls. So today’s cyber criminals target human error: which now accounts for 90%1 of all cyber-incidents. How your employees are trained will determine whether they become an entry point for cybercriminals, or if they thrive and contribute to the company’s prosperity and cybersafety.
To safeguard your IT systems and revenues, you need to build relevant cybersecurity skills across your workforce, to boost awareness and give employees confidence they can make best use of your technologies.
Download the free guide and discover more on educating, protecting and empowering your employees.
1Analysis of data breach reports filed with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)


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Give employees freedom to perform without limits

Can employees confidently use your technology, wherever they are? 52%1 of businesses admit that employees are their biggest IT security weakness, with careless actions or lack of knowledge compromising corporate IT security strategy.
There’s only one way to be sure employees can and do safeguard your company: effective and continuous cybersecurity training. With Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP), that’s delivered automatically – in an engaging way that boosts confidence within your workforce.
Download the White Paper and discover more about the role of interaction in our training.
1Kaspersky – “The human factor in IT security”, 2018


Download the White Paper

Reduce the burden of administration

Online learning with Kaspersky ASAP makes training incredibly simple. Everything from employee invitations to pace-setting of lessons and regular refresher sessions to reinforce learning is automatically delivered, and quickly set up from the start.
This makes delivering a comprehensive cybersecurity curriculum – from beginner through to advanced levels – entirely achievable without timeintensive administration.
See for yourself how Kaspersky will help your organisation deliver cybersecurity training and get Kaspersky ASAP up and running in minutes with a comprehensive free trial that gets your training started.


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More Visibility, More Power, More Control

Kaspersky Optimum Security lets you upgrade protection against new, unknown and evasive threats, through effective threat detection and response and 24/7 security monitoring, without prohibitive costs or complexity.


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Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Be in control with full visibility from a single console empowered by threat intelligence. Enabling you to prevent ransom and cyber-attacks, be informed and reinforce with advanced security.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security leverages cloud-based technology, such as machine learning, to deliver its many IT security features. Kaspersky Endpoint Security uses several protection layers to prevent malware from infecting your IT network. These include antivirus to block malware, web defences against malicious websites, and anti-theft features to remotely locate or wipe data from a stolen device.


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Woman using technology devices

Man using technology

Kaspersky Email Filtering

A key way to stop malicious emails coming through to employee devices is to filter them before they arrive in their inbox. Email filtering is a type of software that automatically analyses incoming emails for malicious links, attachments, spam and phishing attempts. Once it has detected the threat, it will either automatically quarantine them in a specific folder or delete them.
As the administrator, you can now see a cloud based or on premise dashboard with the statistics on what email traffic the business is receiving and what proportion is clean mail and what is malicious.


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