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Noise costs. Jabra Engage saves.

Cut the noise. Count the savings.

Noisy call centres experience longer calls and less satisfied customers. One smart investment in Jabra Engage, solves both problems.
Jabra Engage headsets suppress a whopping 80% more background noise than MS Teams Open Office Premium certification requires. The result is improved conversation quality, less interruptions, shorter calls and happier customers. Plus, by shaving up to 10% off the average call handling time, agents can take more calls than ever before, and that initial investment pays itself back in weeks.

No-Compromise Comfort


Soft & secure seal on
the outer ear
Ultra-lightweight, with cleverly designed angled ear cushions for the perfect fit. The Engage 50 II and Engage 40 stays comfortable, even when wearing throughout the day.

Avoids pressure
with innovative maze-shaped pattern
An innovative maze-shaped pattern inside each ear cup relieves pressure while fitting securely on the outer ear, helping agents stay focused on their customer conversations not their headset.

Passive Noise Cancellation removes low and high frequency sounds
And in addition to the comfort the ear cushions provide they also offer passive noise cancellation due to the materials and wearing which removes low and high frequency sounds, so agents aren’t distracted by what is happening around them.


A headset that’s got your back

With Engage 50 II and Engage 40, calls have more clarity, and customers enjoy an all-around better experience, thanks to the innovative Engage+ software. Make interactions more meaningful and effective, with real-time call insights.
This headset has been designed with you in mind. It’s light, but sturdy. Comfortable, but sleek. Wear it all day, without feeling like you’re wearing it at all. With an intelligent microphone system that makes sound clearer than ever before, there’s no better headset to help you make every customer your most satisfied customer yet.




See the full picture

Leading monitoring providers have integrated advanced Jabra Engage call data into their solutions, enhancing their value with a clearer view of the customer experience. The Jabra data includes agents’ background noise, cross-talk and silence during calls, enabling you to pinpoint and address specific issues.
Together these solutions deliver visual dashboards with insights on audio performance and conversation patterns, to help you enhance agent and customer experience on every call.

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