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Evolve2 Buds

True wireless earbuds for working on the go

Pitching from the kitchen. Calling from the co-working space. Fitting the status meetings around the daily dog walk. With the right technology, you can work wherever your day takes you.
Evolve2 Buds are your portable, pocketable, ultra-convenient slice of office life, when the actual office is nowhere to be seen. Everything you need to make the most of this ‘working on the go’ business, packed into a pair of tiny true wireless earbuds.




Your new secret weapon

Plug-and-play USB
Don’t underestimate the power of the professional plug-and-play USB adapter that comes with Evolve2 Buds. Just imagine how unstoppable you’ll be when you’re not saying “hang on, you cut out there”, every five minutes.
Not to mention the added freedom that comes with knowing you don’t have to stay within two metres of your laptop at all times… another coffee anyone?

Switch it up

Advanced Bluetooth Multipoint
You’re mid-Monday-morning-meeting on your laptop when your mobile rings. Ignore? Leave your team meeting? With advanced Bluetooth Multipoint, you don’t need to choose.
Use your buds for all your calls, staying connected to your laptop and smartphone, with a handy notification if a call comes in on your mobile while you’re in a meeting on your laptop. So you can switch, switch, and switch again.


Certified for apps like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ –  make ‘walk and talk’ sound a whole lot more professional

Plug-and-play USB adapter: extended Bluetooth range, extended possibilities

Waterproof durability – Designed to handle the elements, with IP57  rated waterproof protection

Reclaim your thinking space

Noise cancellation
Home offices in the school holidays. Co-working spaces. Airport departure lounges. The places you need to work are often noisy. Enter the winning combination of a snug, noise-isolating fit and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), to help you find a quiet moment whenever (and wherever) you need one.




Small and perfectly formed

Ultra-compact design
Using a massive database of 62,000 ear scans and  unique statistical modeling methods to create tiny earbud designs that fit like they were made for you.
And Evolve2 Buds are no different. In fact – this is Jabra’s smallest true wireless earbud design yet. You know, just in case the office headset vibe isn’t quite the look you’re going for.

They work as hard as you do

Battery Life
In and out of calls, anywhere but the office, and nowhere near a power source – most buds couldn’t hack it, but most buds weren’t built for hybrid working.
With their pocket-friendly case, they’re good for up to 33 hours. And if you somehow manage to use all of those, a super-rapid charge feature will win you back over an hour of power in just five minutes.



Get some fresh air

Jabra Multisensor Voice 
A walk can work wonders for your mood. Your calls? Not so much. Jabra wanted to fix that and created Jabra MultiSensor Voice™.
It might sound complicated, but all you really need to know is that it opens up a lot more possibilities for where you could take your next call.


Your Protection

Hearing Protection
When you spend a lot of time on calls, you need to protect your hearing.
Jabra are a company that makes professional, consumer, and medical-grade audio technology, so when it comes to preventing hearing damage, you can put your trust in Jabra.

Speak to a specialist to learn more about Jabra Evolve2 Buds


Speak to a Specialist




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